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UFE vs. Hysterectomy

Uterine Fibroid Embolization
Nonsurgical procedure to block blood flow to fibroids, causing them to shrink
Surgical removal of the uterus
Minimally-invasive procedure – performed through a pin-sized hole in your wrist or thigh
Can be highly-invasive surgery with one or several scars, depending on how it is performed
No general anesthesia required
General anesthesia
Usually performed as outpatient procedure
Average hospital stay 2.3 days
1 week recovery
2 to 6-week recovery
Preserves uterus
Removes uterus


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UFE Success Stories

It’s amazing how many people have been through the same thing. I never would’ve known until I started talking about it. Suddenly, it’s “oh yeah…” either “I’ve been through it or I know somebody who’s been through it.” It’s obviously may not be the right decision for everyone, but it’s worth considering. You need to consider all the options. Just know that there’s more than just surgery for this condition.


I’m hoping that I can use this platform to let other women know about UFE, women who are afraid to wear white pants and who feel a gush of blood flowing every time they get up from their seat. Who pray they have not messed up their seat at work or messed up the back of their pants or their nice skirt when they go out to dinner or they go to church. I hope that by doing this, I let other women know—just like I found out—that there is an alternative.


I was amazed, I literally went home with a Band-Aid.


The decision for me, between a hysterectomy or a myomectomy was that a hysterectomy was just out of the question. That was not an option for me. The myomectomy was probably what I would’ve settled for. But it wasn’t what I wanted. Then when the UFE commercial came on the radio, and I went to the website, it opened up a whole new world—another treatment option that was available to me